22 March 2009

Mom Math

Here are a few pictures of the kids for the family members that read. Wednesday we will be back to a normal school schedule. I used to do childcare full time, when Claire was in kindergarden, and doing it for again is nice... for a week (and especially nice to fund the schoolbooks order!). I'm so thankful to usually be able to focus just on my own four kids. One thing I've really noticed this week, we really graze as a family. When other people's kids are here, I'm really good about Breakfast. Snack. Lunch. Snack. So maybe we'll do better about that after Spring Break is over. I've always read about homeschool fatigue, but only had tastes of it in our three year journey. Even this short break off school has been a breath of fresh air. Since we take off every Tuesday, and we are open to go all year (Texas summers are so hot! and the winters are pretty mild), I feel like we don't need long breaks. Well, this has been a lesson for me. Sometimes my mom math looks like this:
late start + messy house = scratch school for today!
Mentally, I add up those missed days and think that equals a week off each quarter. Now, I'm thinking an actual week off may make it easier to stick to it on those late start days!

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