31 March 2009

Our School Space

We are blessed to have a home that really fits our family. We have enough bedrooms and bathrooms, our kitchen cabinets are not cramped, and we have a shed in the back to hold stuff that could fill the garage. Possibly best of all, we have a formal dining room. Not wonderful because we so frequently don dress clothes and entertain by candlelight, but because we use it as a schoolroom!
To have a space designated only for schoolwork and school messes and school materials is so, so luxurious. It has a big window. It has its own door into the kitchen. (It did have a large opening into the foyer, but I blocked it with our massive IKEA shelving unit-- which comes in smaller sizes, I might add.) The day I got a labelmaker from a friend and labeled everything felt like a shopping spree! The retentive, compulsive person inside of me rejoiced to hit 'print' and get a little label to properly catagorize each cubby for the 12-year educational cycle.

The top row has (by cubby, l-r) 1) historical lit for 1st and 2nd cycles 2) historical lit for 3rd and 4th cycles 3) art books and Christianity studies 4) language materials (Spanish, Russian, ASL) 5) English reference materials (dictionary, thesaurus etc.)
The second row (l-r) is 1) all biology materials 2) all Earth Sci and Astronomy materials 3) this is where all Chemistry materials will go 4) all Physics materials 5) my supplies (stapler, hole punch, tacks etc)
Third row has 1) Ancient History materials 2) middle ages materials 3) age of exploration materials 4) modern history materials 5) paper (drawing, lined, graph)
The fourth row has 1) Claire's daily cubby (stuff she needs each day, consumable workbooks and such) 2) Jackson's daily cubby 3) Lily's daily cubby (right now, playdoh) 4) Nathan's daily cubby (coloring books) 5) history, science and geography encyclopedias.
Bottom row: 1) recycling bin 2) manipulative math supplies 3) school supplies (erasers, pencils, glue sticks) 4) early readers 5) Math texts and games.

Well now you know my suppressed tendency towards over-organizing... well suppressed! My neighbor looked at this setup and sighed and said 'I hate you' in a sad voice. I reassured her that my bookshelves and closets may be in decent condition, but her floor and counters beat mine hands down. We all have our quirks.

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