19 March 2009

Spring Break for the Homeschooled

Today is day four of "Spring Break" for the public school system here in Texas. My second- grader, Claire, heard about it through a friend at ballet who is in public school. Also, our neighbor went to New Mexico with her father for the week. So she knew something was happening. In addition, I have a friend who is working the rodeo, and I'm watching her 2 children this week. Anyway, we're not having school.
Claire is totally bored. All week they have been in the back, 'selling rocks' and making clubs while the swingset stands untouched. In the front, they are having scooter races and keeping the baby out of potential ant hills. They played school with the posters that cover one wall of the garage, violently whacking points of interest with a dowel and yelling "Class!"
I guess the reason that she is so bored is because we do all that anyway, when school is over. We pretty much run errands and have appointments each Tuesday. But every other weekday we 'do' school and when their work is finished, they are free to run about and be kids. One of the best things about this whole life-commitment, I think.
I also think it is important to have as many battery-free toys that can be used for many different games as possible. This week, we threw out the canister for our Tumbling Tower. It's supposed to be used one way-- stack the blocks up in alternating directions and then take out one block at a time until the tower falls. Well, we never played it 'the right way' so I finally ditched the canister, poured them into a basket with some other small wooden blocks, archways and columns and triangles, and they have seen more action than they have in a long time!

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