23 March 2009

Top Tip for Keeping House

The times that I am most successful in 'getting it all done' is when I am dedicated to the Flylady method. I discovered her when Claire was a baby. I fall off the wagon and climb up again; she is totally internet dependent so when I haven't had internet its not as easy to keep up. Go check her out! She has added alot of assistants... other internet personalities that have different focuses to help out her 'flybabies.' I really like her method and her encouragement- 'jump in wherever you are, don't wait for perfection.' And her consistent desire for us to GET RID OF STUFF! As homeschoolers we have to have basic control over the house so we can focus alot of our energies on schoolwork. The house can get a little untidy but it should be clean, you know? Papers should be spread across a germ-free counter! Toys should be littered on a swept floor! Clothes should linger on a vacuumed carpet! My kids are in training to clean up after themselves, but I try to keep in mind the greater purpose of raising God-following children in this stage of life.

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