31 March 2009

Our "Off Day"

Well, got the vacuum out and did the schoolroom, but not the living room. Folded all the laundry from my bedroom floor and put it away, then dumped 2 more loads back in the same spot. BUT, I made the absolute best mac-n-cheese EVER because I actually read the directions instead of winging it on past experience! Whoa!
Took Claire to ballet... None of this sounds like schoolwork to you, does it? Well, Tuesday is our Off Day. This is a benefit of homeschooling. If you can compact more work into less time, and go mostly year-round, why work every day? Plus the excellent benefit of going to the store when no one else is there. Last semester our Off Day was Fridays. Now Claire has ballet on Tuesdays, so we switched it. Ha!
I love having Off Day on almost Wednesday. I know, I'm ridiculous... what is 'almost Wednesday?!' Well, its hump day. James says, "you either get the school work done, or the housework done. If the house is a mess, I know you had a full school day. And if the house looks gorgeous, I know you didn't." When we have hump day in the (sorta) middle of the week, we can attack the house midweek instead of floundering till the weekend. Yay!

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