30 April 2009

Art and Music, part 2

Well, I am pleased to say that I really like the Art and Music CD-ROMs that I purchased in our homeschool order earlier this month. (See earlier post) The kids have used them quite a few times, and I've both stood over their shoulders and participated, and also just heard it from the kitchen while I clean up. I've been really impressed, and I can officially check art and music off my guilt list for a few years. Now, we just have to get the piano tuned!

You can read about the art one, called Creativity Express, HERE. But if you want to buy it, go HERE because its the same price but you get a plush polar bear with it!

You can read about the music one, called Hearing Music, HERE.

I also got a math drill CD-ROM, and a calculus CD-ROM/DVD, in case you're interested.

All these items were found and purchased at the most excellent and all-encompassing homeschool website, Rainbow Resource. Their catalog is the size of the Austin phonebook. It came with my first order, and I set it aside, thinking, "It has no pictures! Who on earth would read this?!" Well it is such an wonderful, awesome catalog that I keep it on my bedside table. It is tagged and bookmarked and dog-eared... I had to tape the spine. I search that thing up and down, then I go on their website and look at the item in color, and the table of contents and such. I submit reviews of items we have (trying to make that $40 credit that they offer! monthly!). I also look at the Delta Science and Math catalog, but to be honest, Rainbow Resource has most of what I want out of that catalog too, and usually cheaper.

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