24 April 2009

Beginning to Rain? jump at the Chance!

We were really plugging along, did a huge, excellent grammar review, math lesson, quick bath for the younger two, then went right through the science lesson and assessment, no complaining... and it starts to drizzle. (hopefully Jackson will get to go to soccer practice!) Should we press on with the history lesson (the first Russians! yay!) or Bible or call Jackson in to read Spanish with us? NO! they should be children and run outside, catch water from the gutter, pour out cups and make mud pies, paint the deck with their muddy handprints... while mom updates her blog and posts cards on Etsy. So thankful for our lifestyle. I love to watch them play. I have dear, vivid memories of splashing in puddles with my younger brother and sister, my wet arms rubbing the plastic raincoat sleeves. One day James and I won't be here, and the kids will have to call each other. I already tell them ridiculous things like "Don't exclude your brother! Who will you call when you need your oil changed? Will he want to help you move into an apartment and lift your heavy furniture if he remembers that you were mean to him today?!" or "Don't hit her! Who will help you decorate your apartment or give you advice on what kind of present to get your wife? Be nice to her today so she will want to help you when you don't know what kind of clothes to buy and you want her to go shopping with you!"

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