16 April 2009

A Day of Success!

This is how I feel after a day like today... This was a wonderfully productive and happy day. We did all our schoolwork before 1 p.m. today. We had virtually NO WHINING or complaining today! In addition to that, my laundry got done--all the way done-- and the sink is void of dirty dishes. I love days like today!

On Saturday morning I will be in a craft show selling my cards and also some baby blankets and doll blankets. So tonight I stuffed envelopes while I watched Will Smith in Seven Pounds. It was heart-rending and I still have dried tears on my face. But I would totally recommend it.

For the people who wonder what we use for curriculum, or what books we follow, etc., I have made another blog called Classical Curriculum. It is not inclusive by any means. But it should give those curious a better look at what we use.

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