10 April 2009

Exciting Day in the Homeschool Household!

Man, I looove it when new books come in the mail! Because of watching my friend's kids during Spring Break, and our tax refund, we were able to order 2/3 of our curriculum materials for next year! I told James that he should be so happy that we homeschool, because instead of buying shoes or purses or whatever, I buy school books. I get all my vicarious shopping needs met when I search the Rainbow Resource and Delta catalogs. I've budgeted 2 purchases a year, and my parents have generously given us an annual 'scholarship' to show their support of our educational method. This year we got a few things to supplement Jackson's first grade, but we are reusing all of the materials we got for Claire's first grade. Claire is going to be in third grade this summer/fall, and we ordered most of the materials for that. This order was a little different because I got a few programs for them to use on the computer... art, music, math drills.

We use Saxon Math. It's sort of a golden standard for homeschool math. (And for those who use it-- they just got a geometry course! Previously, they had incorporated geometry principles into all the other school years. Parents commented and requested enough, and now there is an entire course on it. Also all Saxon is on sale until June 30th at Rainbow Resource.) One of the great things about Saxon is its affordability. For Claire (the oldest) we purchase the 'homeschool kit.' This is the text and all the workbooks and flashcards. Then, when it's Jackson, Lily, or Nathan's turn to do that grade, we just order the workbook/flashcard pack. Saxon is a manipulative-based math for the first 3 years.

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