13 April 2009

Getting it Done

Today I had to find a way to drop off a prepaid UPS envelope. I had no idea where a drop-box or office was, and the 1-800 number suggested that I chase down a brown box truck. Hmmm. But remember my wallpaper border?After weeks of backorder, it came today and I just handed my envelope to the dude in the brown uniform. What a favor from the God who knows what we need!

And to top that off, James planted a huge portion of our front yard. Now instead of big swaths of mulch beds, I have gardens. Yee-ha! My silent standing in the neighborhood of mainly retired women with grown children and perfect lawns rises.

We have been saving the end pieces of the loaves of bread forever, it seems. Then for another forever we had bread ends drying in a pan on the porch. But today we went to feed the ducks and play at the park. Ha Ha! The ducks, however, were uninterested in our bread, so we have half left still to do it again.

Here is a beautiful fern. I don't know what kind it is. James will tell you. But I potted it in a real pot and enjoy it on the deck. James has over 20 kinds of ferns. I think most of them are in black plastic landscapers pots. BUT, the huge, delicate, Mexican bird-of-paradise (I think?) "that I've wanted for 10 years" was saved from certain death TWICE this week by yours truly.

I guess I'm just rambling... So today Nathan said car with a Boston accent (ca')... Jackson got sand in his eyes... Claire had drama class... Lily, in pink keds, jean shorts with flowery, flimsy trim, pink shirt, and pink flowered purse asked the bank manager for lollipops in a long, drawn-out way that included telling him that at the grocery store, they have lollipops which they give her.

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