26 April 2009

Let's Start off the Week

1st Comic: "It wasn't until she finished writing and folding the note that Sally realized she had no one to pass it to."

2nd Comic: "Eric held his breath for the Johnson Family Home School to be announced as 'cancelled due to snow,' but it never came."

By Josh Harris (yes the writer and pastor of our church in Maryland)

Well Jackson was an animal at his soccer game on Saturday-- 8 blocks for his team! And he dribbled the ball down more than half the field and kicked it straight into their goalie's arms (darn it!). Pictures of him and his team cost as much as signing him up for soccer did. Next time I'll have to be the team mom because she gets a free package of the photos, and all she does is send out some emails.

I have been scouring ebay for Jackson's birthday presents. He wants discontinued LEGO sets. (click on the link to see an awesome video clip about how to connect the $80 power pack to the Mission to Mars set that he's going to get for his sixth birthday. Power pack not included in the set, or the birthday.) His uncle, my brother, has a closet (at my parent's house, here in RR) full of pirate LEGOs that Jackson is not allowed to touch. So I got a few of those. Now we are poor. I know. Restraint.

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