23 April 2009

My New Rug

Well I have had a busy few days! Got that laundry room lightbulb changed, and the foyer wallpaper done, and moved 2 big pieces of furniture and all the associated rearranging that goes with that. Telling you guys my goals really lit a fire under me to do them, so thanks. I also rearranged the living room and the sun room furniture, and replaced a rug, AND I managed to do no dishes.

I must remind myself that Claire doesn't need exhaustive depth to her science class. I want to give her a picture and an excitement for Earth and Space, not make sure she understands what an aquifer is exactly.

So, some kid updates: Jackson got stung by a wasp on his ear and it is all swelled up like a cauliflower. Lily wanted to put marshmallows in her cold chocolate soymilk. Nathan said "water" and "uh-huh" and "down"(as he perches on the edges of things).

James has been working from New Braunfels all week as he hangs out with his dad who is recovering from surgery. He managed to work in a visit to the local garden center though.

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