12 April 2009

Nose to the Grindstone!

Our school tends to act in waves; super productive, then spell of sluggish study; really productive, then less focused... back and forth. And sometimes we get off to a great start and have to stop for character training.

This is the chart that we use when we are super productive. The purple tags are Claire's and the orange ones are Jackson's (colors match their towels in the bathroom). Each time the kids finish a subject, they move their tag to the pocket at the right. When the vertical day is empty of tags, they know they are done (this was made when our off day was Friday). During the day, they can glance over, and see how much work they have left to do before they can play.

Since our school books for the fall have come, Jackson wants to dive into first grade. My parents and James agree with him. Jackson has already met our objectives for kindergarden, and he knows this. There is really no reason to not start him.

I only balk for one reason- if he starts in the fall, then when Nathan starts first grade, he and Jackson will both do the same Science and History. Same with Claire and Lily. The older set will be in fifth grade when the younger set is in first grade, and the way our material cycles, it would be like I had two sets of students instead of four, at least for Science and History. The day that I realized that I was so excited. You know, he is most excited about his new math materials. So we'll start there and see how it goes.

I think we're going to focus on Proverbs 13:4 in the upcoming weeks while we try to get back into supermode: "The sluggard craves and gets nothing, but the desires of the diligent are fully satisfied."

Speaking of diligence, I ordered a new wallpaper border for the schoolroom finally! (How, you ask, does diligence lead to wallpaper? Well I'll tell you. The wallpaper border in there right now was probably the height of fashion in 1984 when the house was built, but I do not prefer it. I have tried to remove it but can't. So there were two options- find a decent border, or cut kraft paper with PERFECTly straight lines to the height of 6.85 inches and then either stamp or attempt calligraphy of words of character on it (i.e., diligence, honesty, faithfulness, etc.). So you can see how excited I am to find a nice border and not have another household project on my hands.)(aside from the comparably easy task of having my mother teach (show) me to hang border!) Look for before and after pics of that when it gets done.

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