04 April 2009

Soccer Season!

Well. Friday we went to the field. We met Coach Kyle and got the YMCA uniform. Jackson practiced his soccer dribble. He did jumping jacks with wild abandon. He looked at the grass. He fell twice. All with a huge, face-cracking smile the entire time. "Thanks, mom, for signing me up for soccer!"
Then today. After sleeping in his shorts with his tall socks by his side, (his shirt was in the wash, after eating dinner and having ice cream in it after practice) he woke up and put on the entire foot/shin regalia. After impatiently waiting for the dryer, I dug dried Play-doh out of the hand pump and pumped up the three soccer balls. Then we set off to Academy. We got the Peewee size shin guards (instead of the youth size) and cleats (instead of sneakers) and sunscreen (any more sun and his freckles go from 'cute' to 'sun damage'). Then home for a healthy, strong-kick-inducing lunch, impatient waiting, and finally off to the first game.

Whew. This is my first venture into organized sports. I have to host a snack. I have to keep the uniform clean. I have to get a parking spot near the red field in time. I need one of those mom-sports-observer-folding-chair-in-an-over-the-shoulder-bag things. I need to keep my other kids busy, sunscreened, fed, and off the red field. Yikes! I have always been thankful that I don't have to get everyone up and fed and dressed and packed and out the door before 8... here is a taste of what public & private school moms have to do every day! And they don't get to take a nap with the baby after lunch! I love it when a taste of what we don't have makes us thankful for what we do have!

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