06 May 2009


You have seen this mug before. Flylady is an excellent resource for those women who have trouble managing their homes. Kids, sports gear, homework, laundry, dishes, the entryway, the master bedroom/hiding spot for all messes... she addresses each with encouragement and excitement. When my (now) six-year-old was a baby, I was on the Flylady wagon really well. Now, not so much, which is a real shame because when you are really sailing with Flylady, your house really does clean itself. Flylady is getting so popular that she has more items for sale and partnerships with other home-helpers, some with subscriptions, so ignore all that if it bugs you and just do her system.

Yesterday my neighbor and I were talking about getting maids. She has older daughters so I suggested to her that she should begin a homemaking class. Then, her girls can learn and apply the Flylady method so that one day (soon enough) they will be able to run their own households. Oh, and check out the blog Owlhaven for how she manages laundry for her family of 12! I like how she is realistic and uses a system that embraces the real world she lives in-- like that she will not always process a load of laundry at once.

This morning I got up with James as he got ready for work. I made his coffee, and then instead of climbing back into the toasty bed (with the dog, the baby, and the 3 yr-old) I made my coffee. I found the section of Wild at Heart that James and I had been talking about and bookmarked it for him. THEN, I:
cleared the table, washed it, emptied the dishwasher, emptied the sink into the dishwasher, washed the counters, gave the dog his meds, fed the dogs, let them out, started the washing machine, and cleaned my bathroom sink. Then I fed the kids, cleaned up after their breakfast, made my bed, opened my curtains and emptied the trash. The kids got dressed and I did this blog entry, all before I am usually getting out of bed and making my coffee!! Yee-ha I love Flylady. I'm back on the wagon, again!

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