22 May 2009

Henry the WHO?

Hhmmm.... Today was one of those days that has just been flowin'! At one point we were in my bed-- Claire going over the five and ten times tables, Jackson showing me his latest Lego firetruck creation on the end table, and Nathan laying across me petting Koda. Just a hole there were Lily would fit. So we already did the dishes, swept the floors, had lunch, did math, cursive, grammar... and picked up the fort from yesterday afternoon and put Nathan down for his nap on time! (I looked over from my magazine when I heard a big yawn from his high chair. He was sitting there, wavering, with a bunched-up closed-eye face.) I picked him up, put his head on my shoulder, and walked him to his bed and then of course he started to fuss. But he went down pretty easily. That makes last night at bed, this morning when he woke up, and naptime now that he hasn't nursed. And instead of nursing him at the computer, I got up and played with him. He *amazingly* has slept throught the night *Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon, Tues, Wed,* and this morning he woke up at 4:30 or so. I didn't look at the clock because he had been doing so well, but when I realized James' alarm wasn't going off, I put him back in his bed. He fussed but then fell asleep for about 2 more hours!) I think its mostly my battle, to let go of my last baby, not that he is so attached.

Back to school! Today we have to finish up cloud identification and move on from the War of the Roses. Guess what Claire said when I asked her who from the Lancasterians regained the throne and brought an end to the war? (answer is Henry Tudor) She said "Henry the Farter?" Ha! Get it? Henry Tooter?!

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