02 May 2009

I just have a FEW QUESTIONS

Exactly how much olive oil does it take to make hummus? I am not the cook in our family, James is the one who usually makes it. But Cactus Flower (Lily) pulled a can of garbanzo beans out of the pantry and would not let me alone, so we made hummus. I used the garlic that had been there as long as the sprouting onion (that we tossed)-- I think the garlic had strengthened... we had to add another can of beans. Endless food processing to smooth the texture... tons of oil it seemed. Do people actually measure it when they do it? I just poured it down the food processor feeding hole.

How can the house fall apart so fast?! I was expecting company this morning and the house was gorgeous. They didn't come, then we were gone all afternoon, and now the house is a mess. Ok, just the kitchen/dining rooms, couch pillows all disarrayed. But we were gone, how did that happen? I know we made a birthday cake. That was probably it, all those "helpers."

Why is the fun stuff when you are little what your mom gets mad at? The girls were in one tub, and I was in the bathroom where the baby and Jackson were. The boys were playing, having plenty of fun I thought, then I realized how much fun the girls were having. "Found" a bottle of bubbles-- it was about a foot of water and then about 18 inches of bubbles on top. No, they didn't run the water to make the suds- they churned and splashed. And how did I get alerted to the FUN that was being had in the other bathroom? Because Claire came through the bathroom, down the hall, and into my bedroom to SHOW ME HER BUBBLE DRESS THAT SHE WAS 'WEARING.' Which was actually sliding to the floor quite quickly.

Why can't I get this blog to enable comments? I don't have any speculations for that one; I've tried; I've contacted Help; I did what they said to do... nothing.

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