12 May 2009

I Love our Dog, Eli



So, every week or so I go to the store and get some veggies. Then I come home and use the food processor to shred it. Then I use our huge silver mixing bowl to mix it up with a container of plain yogurt and a container of cottage cheese. I serve it back into the plastic containers (REUSE! REDUCE! RECYCLE!) to store in the fridge.

Then, twice a day I serve our oldest dog his gourmet, anti-allergen dog food. Plop! a generous serving into the dog bowl. Crack! Two eggs on top.

Then, the most fun part-- pierce a omega-3 fatty fish oil pill into it. He won't eat it alone. So I drip the oil onto the food. And sometimes smelly oil shoots out. And sometimes oil gets on my fingers...ew. But, you do what you do for love.

Eli was my "first born" before we had kids. He slept on our bed. He welcomed us home from work when we were in the AF. He never chewed anything of ours. He did eat 2 pounds of nice chocolates once, but I won't get into that. He has had some joint problems, and he's had to adjust to walking on the hard floors with a little too-long nails, but he's never ever given us a moment's worry with the kids. He is a great dog.

I won't complain about a small task-- making his food takes me about 20 minutes from unpacking the groceries to washing the food processor. If this is something I can do to make him more comfortable and healthy, no problem. In case you're wondering why on earth we feed him this: he has terrible allergies. He used to lick and chew his feet all day and night. He had black spots all over his stomach. He has grey hair all over. He would vomit if he had any chicken at all. Then he got this terrible ear infection a few weeks ago and he was so miserable. I felt awful about feeding him food that exacerbated his allergies, so we went back to this raw diet.

When we first got him from a Boxer rescue in San Jose (CA) he had terrible, terrible allergies, and we fed him a diet similar to this. Hopefully we can clean out his system for a month or so and then put him on a 'regular' kibble-style food. HERE's a good article.

This has opened a few lines of discussion with the kids:

-What is the difference between a vitamin and medicine?
-Why do we treat Eli different than the other (younger) dogs?
-Why are Eli's eggs (regular) a different color than our eggs (organic)?
-Why do we have to feed Eli differently than we used to?
-Why do we have to serve the dogs separately?
-Why does he eat such gross-looking food?
-Why can't we just put medicine on his other food?

I know this isn't describing the trivium of the classical education method to you in great detail, but...

Here is a picture of the hunk:

Update: our old man was put down in October 2010. You can read his eulogy.

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