14 May 2009

What's your Worldview?

"Each of us bases our decisions and actions on a worldview. We may not be able to articulate our worldview, and worldviews are often inconsistent, but we all have one.

But what is a worldview?

Essentially a worldview is the way we view our world and our place in it. A worldview answers fundamental questions such as Why are we here? What is the meaning and purpose of life? Is there a difference between right and wrong? Is there a God? Are humans merely highly evolved animals?

We all have ideas that attempt to answer these questions. Our ideas naturally give rise to some sort of system of beliefs, a system that forms the basis for our decisions and actions. Our worldview determines how we act and respond to every aspect of life. If we were to ask an average person about his or her philosophy of life, we would probably give a blank stare. But if we were to ask this average person about how life began, he or she would probably give some sort of answer, even if the answer were not completly coherent. If we were to continue the conversation by asking why she believes what she claims to believe, we would most likely discover that she, like most people, simply does not have reasons for what she believes. Often people get their beliefs like they catch colds-- by being around other people! We often adopt other people's beliefs even if we don not realize we are doing so. Such is the power of friends, family, movies, television, books, magazines, etc.

Many of us do not think very deeply about why we believe the things we do. Even when we want to examine our beliefs, we do not really know how.

In an article in the National Interest entitled "The Real Clash" James Kurth argued persuasively that a clash has already begun-- its not so much among the world's great civilizations as it is within the civilization of the West, between those who claim the Judeo-Christian worldview and those who have abandoned that worldview in favor of the 'isms' of contemproary life-- feminism, multiculturalism, gay liberation, lifestyle liberation-- which I lump together as a family called the secularist orthodoxy.

To be more precise, it is a battle between and among worldviews. On sone side is clearly the Christian worldview. On the other side are Secular Huminism, Marxism-Leninism, Cosmic Humanism (the New-Age Movement), and Postmodernism. While these worldviews don't agree in every detail, they unanimously concur on one point-- their opposition to Biblical Christianity."

Extended quote from Introduction, Part Two, of Understanding the Times: The Collision of Today's Competing Worldviews.

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