08 June 2009

E-Vents Through HSDLA

"Is there solid proof for the hope that we profess? Dr. Jay L. Wile
demonstrates that there is. Join us tomorrow, Tuesday, June 9, at 9
p.m (ET) for HSLDA's empowering @home e-vent "Reasonable Faith"!

Dr. Wile, a recognized expert in nuclear chemistry, Christian
apologetics, homeschooling, environmentalism, and creation vs.
evolution, shares abundant evidence to support the validity of the
Christian faith. Listen as he first relates how science provides
significant evidence for Christianity, and how history and social
science affirm God as the Creator of the universe. Finally, Dr. Wile
shows objective historical and medical evidence that indicates the
Bible, indeed, is the inspired Word of God.

Dr. Wile's compelling case for Christianity incorporates findings from
nuclear physics, chemistry, biology, archaeology, literary criticism,
sociology, medicine, and historical science to give believers an
increased confidence in the reality of Christianity.

Learn the facts that can help bolster your faith and confidence in
Christianity. Tune in to tomorrow's @home e-vent to begin exploring
your reasonable faith.

There is still space in this e-vent---sign up now to attend! Register
at http://www.hslda.org/athome .

This webinar is open to both members and non-members."

...from the HSDLA email alerts. Sounds great! Learn from the comfort of your own home, in your pjs, chomping potato chips, while the kids charge past like a herd of elephants, and disturb no one!

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