08 June 2009

History a la Summer

For y'all with reading glasses,

"My dearest Hector, I hate to vex you whilst thou art at your employ, but we are quite in need of mutton, milk, eggs, bread, rutabagas and perhaps a jug of mead. Woulds't thou deign to retrieve them form the marketplace after the battle?-- assuming, of course, that your neck is not a bloody stump by then. All my love, Gretchen"

I tried very hard to not bother James at work today because he is designing a big project- a bank on a corner. Going to be a showpiece! Then when I did talk to him, I said, "I haven't heard from you all day!" and he said "I haven't heard from you all day!"

We have abandoned formal History lessons and are simply enjoying listening to it unfold on the CDs. What a nice breather. English history, mainly, intrigue and betrayal and wandering the known world. Claire thought it was hilarious that the explorers were afraid to go too far south because either the sea water would boil, they'd get sucked into a whirlpool, get eaten by a sea monster, or fall off the world. Yikes.

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