07 June 2009

No Denim or Khaki Here!

This picture really explains how I sometimes feel as a homeschool mother. I always had visions of the perfect homeschool that we would have... they were something like the visions I had of the perfect baby, the one who was always smelling of lotion, never spitup; always in a cute outfit, never just a onesie; who slept for hours in a single stretch; who was perfectly silent while I was on the phone; whose first word was 'mama.' Four kids later, still waiting.

The homeschool I imagined went something like this: everyone gets up about 7:45, and meanders into the kitchen and willingly (see? I don't even imagine 'cheerfully!') eats the healthy breakfast I made for them after I read my Bible and drank my coffee. We talk kindly to one another around the table. Later, we collect some books and worksheets, and do them outside, or on my bed, or on the couch. We're snuggled up near the baby, who is happily engaged with some blocks or something. We listen to lessons in the car on CD, and have great discussions. The kids show some crazy interest in castles or dolphins or something, and we linger on that topic for a while. We incorporate books from our weekly trips to the library into their lessons. They love to do math games or scrabble or other fun activities instead of watching tv or movies.

So, I'm going to ask for feedback today: Tell me your first impressions, as homeschoolers, of the phrase:
"No Denim or Khaki Here!"

Does it mean anything at all to you? Is it offensive? Is it funny? Do you relate to it?

If you have no idea at all, read my post The Joneses from last month. ((I have to say that I follow the Maxwells blog and really respect them and mean nothing derogatory or mean.))

Perhaps it's where I am in my life. Maybe it's where I am in my walk with the Lord. I don't know, but I feel like we're the homeschool minority when we look and act alot like other (traditionally-educated) families. We don't wear what seems to be practically a family uniform, but we don't do crazy, gung-ho unschooling either. My kids aren't savants or especially sinless. We are what I think of as pretty middle-of-the-road average homeschoolers. Somehow, for some unexplained reason, I compare myself to homeschool families like the Maxwells. And I come up short.

I would really appreciate any feedback you have on this topic. Thanks! I cannot for the life of me get comments to start on this blog. Here is my email address, which is perpetually in the right-hand column: dearmama4x@gmail.com


I love reading your blog and would do so even if you weren't "my cool Christian homeschooling neighbor with the tattoo and nose ring." Definitely not denim and khaki, and I mean that in the best way!

Your words capture the essence of Christian womanhood, and make me think.

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