26 June 2009

Sneaky, Sneaky

OK, I have a confession... I tried to submit my curriculum review to Rainbow Resource this Monday and had trouble sending it; I emailed them and they fixed the submit form; then I sent it off. BUT THEN I got an email from them that said thanks for telling them about the problem, that they had received quite lot less reviews than usual in June and they had wondered why.

Ha HA! I thought... Three weeks of June had passed with very few submissions--- my chances of earning first place this month increase! Yes! I really mulled over my writing this time because I got third place two months in a row (Darn 12-year-old submitting reviews are so cute you have to give them a winning spot!).

So two problems with this scenario:

1. Now I told you all these details and I won't earn any Rainbow Resource credits at all. Of course.

2. Now I told you all these details about my chances, and I'll still only get third place. What does that say about my writing skills?

Kaela Parkhouse, Illustrator

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