02 June 2009

Sum- Sum- Summertime!

Well I think that today was the last day of school for the public schools here in Texas (did you hear the yells of joy?). Not for us, though; we are doing one subject a day for a while, if you don't include 15 minutes of math drills a subject. Then it would be two. Anywho, here is a kid update:

Nathan still refuses to say Mom, mama, or mommy. Humph. But his canine teeth are all on their way in. *Sleeping through the night!* Still nursing-- today I said to him, "All done!" and he said "mm-mm" (like NO) while firmly latched on.

Lily has been Cactus Flower since her return from Alabama. She said she didn't want to wear her crocs ever again, but she wouldn't take them off. She threw a tantrum at the YMCA while trying to watch the tv in the lounge area. Then she was all smiles at bedtime.

Jackson has his first loose tooth, which is just barely holding on. He can't eat anything and he won't give it a good tug and surely isn't letting me have a look. I'm making a photo slideshow button of his Lego creations that should be up soon.

Claire passed the swim test at the YMCA and earned her 'allowed to ride the slide' bracelet. Beaming smiles all around! She slipped a note under my door last night that read "mom, I love you and dad so much. Come to my room. C.A.D."

James was home for part of the day with his irrigation crew entirely updating the sprinkler system. Yay! Could watering the plants and being personally responsible for their untimely deaths soon fall from my plate?

And I have been editing HTML and adding keywords and submitting my blogs to search engines. So sorry that I am late posting. Plus I had to get caught up on Battlestar Gallactica! (don't laugh) My mom came over this afternoon and made us dinner! Awesome!


  1. Ahhh, fun summer days. Loved your prayer on MamaX4, but could not leave a comment.

  2. Tell my Claire doll I said "Congrats" on being able to "ride the slide"! Just in time for summer!