07 July 2009

HSLDA Membership

Did you know that you can pay for your HSLDA membership monthly? The annual fee can be too much for a lot of families who have to much month left at the end of their money (can I get an amen!). I just found out that you can pay about $10 a month for full benefits. Membership is an essential thing for any homeschool family. HSLDA helps you if anything comes up which legally concerns homeschooling your family. They contact social services and public school districts on your behalf and inform you about your rights- they are only a telephone call away when you need them. Plus, they have a huge assortment of email newsletters for just about every focus group of homeschooling, be it special needs, the highschool homeschool, or pre-k... Here is a link to the list of their e-vents, ($10 off to members- saves you money right there!).

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