13 July 2009

Laughter in Your Home

Sometimes I yell at my kids "Stop having fun! No laughing!" and I'm only partially joking. So frequently in a home with a few kids, hysterical laughter means someone is going to start crying soon. It goes from a giggle, to a chorus, to a frenzy, then there's a crash and before you know it, the baby fell down too hard or someone hurt someone "on purpose!"

My house usually has a fort built in it somewhere. Most of the time it is in a common area like the kitchen or living room, and I have to walk around it. Lily's bed is the bottom of the bunk beds, and since Claire is our project manager, she harvests the blankets from Lily's bed and then each evening I "get" to remake Lily's bed. And my Cactus Flower is pretty particular about how her sheets lie. (Flat. Not lumpy. Smooth. NO bumps, even if she kicks at them.) *Sigh* When I have a rough day at this parenting thing I hope to myself that the kids will remember how often they built forts.

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