10 July 2009

My Not-so Baby Baby

Has anyone been with me long enough to remember this? Another time, I saved a cake (that was supposed to be our contribution to a potluck) 3 times from roving fingers. Repaired and presentable, I held that cake on my lap almost all the way there, and then as we neared our destination, my thumb jabbed into the cake on a turn. Argh!

At the lake in Brownwood. This baby sure loves the water-- I love those curls! Now that he is a surly, moody toddler instead of a cuddly baby, I guess he needs to get his hair cut. I don't think I can bear to see a big-boy 'do, though...

Nathan "assists" me with the laundry by throwing the nice stacks across the bed. Argh! This kind of mountain is what happens when you go out of town for days on end, stopping at home to only to feed the dogs and wash clothes, to throw them in the bag again. Tons of laundry- Six people, four with questionable eating habits, one who works outside in the dirt- makes quite a pile of clothes. Makes you feel blessed to have more than enough, huh? And in the dryer is one more load tumbling.

PS: congrats to me: 100 posts!

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