30 July 2009

Not to Be Hatin'

Yikes. I hesitate sometimes to post disparaging information about public schools only because some people think you're therefore bashing their choice to send their children to one. However, just because you choose to smoke tobacco doesn't change the fact that it causes cancer. Sometimes parents say they can't afford a single-income lifestyle necessary to homeschool. I say, google "single parent homeschool" and see what can happen when you are committed to a method. If you can't imagine staying home with your kids because they drive you nuts, or you love to go to work each day and can't imagine giving it up, say so. Don't blame it on income level or something else. Everyone has their reasons for what they do or don't do. Just be honest with those reasons.

Check out this link all about the public school system in America... the cost, the philosophy, etc.

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