10 July 2009

School Year Round?

Do you have to be a supermom to do homeschooling year-round? Today I was thinking you have to be a supermom to NOT do it year-round! Finishing all your coursework on time and staying a pleasant mom to be around for months on end sometimes seem inhuman.

We have really been thrown off our schedule by summer. I think this is true for most families. I was reading a "tweet" yesterday by a year-round-homeschooler. She had her fall supplies in use. She was in a routine. She was educating. It looked so fun. *sigh*

I have really missed our schoolday routine. We have a summer routine, it is just less full and I spend a lot more time telling the kids, "no, you cannot watch a movie." They are less content to take no for an answer when it seems like there is no reason. After all, they don't have any schoolwork to finish up, so why not?

I think about how much I enjoyed taking a week off last spring. It was really refreshing to just quit for a while! If we schooled year-round, that would happen more frequently. It would seem like we had more time to finish the math book and the history course. If we changed to a year-round schedule, I would probably drop our "off-day" each week. I am pretty attached to our off day. It helps me feel like I have a chance each week to catch up, and it lets me plan our appointments and shopping.

But then again, would I ever feel like we "finished?" Would I ever feel like we moved to the next level? I guess opening new books would contribute to the completion and start-again feeling. I think this idea needs more thought. There are a few things to consider, and better organized weighing of the pros and cons to be done. More coming! Any ideas or thoughts, readers?


  1. Home is Where the Heart isOctober 7, 2009 at 8:38 AM

    I am considering year-round schooling too. It would just give us more time to follow my son's interests without feeling like we need to get back on track and on schedule. And like you mentioned, we could take a week off here and there when we need it, and even take a month or so during the summer. I haven't decided yet either. I think our homeschool year will just kind of morph into what works for us.

  2. The morphing thing is one of the best things about homeschooling, as long as you have a long-term goal or big-picture idea in mind. I love and am thankful for our freedom to choose what we like!