22 July 2009

Woman's Work...

... is never done. I keep hoping the little elves will come out of the corners at night and clean house for me... empty the sink... put away the random junk... fold the clothes... Do you know that my laundry basket, at this moment, has no clean clothes in it? There aren't any dirty ones either. It has random stuff that has no home in it. Totally fills it up; I never see the bottom of it; I never feel done.

I heard Michelle Duggar say that her life with her kids wasn't always the way it seems on tv now... she said that somewhere around 4 or 5 kids things got overwhelming and she had to take steps to keep control of the house and the kids. That's where I feel I am. Four kids under 8, homeschooling and trying to steward my home so that my husband knows I do something all day...

I decided how to spend my Rainbow Resource earnings (now $40!). Maybe you remember a post called "Joneses." You can read a little bit about a successful homeschool family. They have a bunch of older kids and run a business. Well, I decided to order the Maxwell Family "Managers of their Homes" (MOTH) organizational book/kit. It looks so promising I just have to try it. It seems like alot of people were skeptical and became believers. My house is on the verge... I have to do something! I don't want to feel always like I am treading water.

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