03 August 2009

Allure of Reptiles

My girls went out of town to Alabama and Georgia for 10 days so it's just me and the boys. (The girls arrived safely in time to enjoy the hotel pool- in their life jackets.) Ah, a quiet, drama-free home!

Jackson starts first grade this year. He made 2 new friends at VBS a few weeks ago, little boys also starting first grade. He sees them at church, and this morning he found out one of the boys is starting school tomorrow (first-week-of-August starters, I guess). Well after the news about his friend, I got the bright idea to ask Jackson if he wanted to start his schoolwork too, and get a feel for it while Claire is out of the house. He was noncommittal. Then, later, in the tub, he asked if crocodiles were dinosaurs. If lizards were reptiles. How about racoons? (Hope he was joking about that one!) And I said, "You know, for first grade science, you study animals, plants, and the body. Would you like to do animals so you can study reptiles first?" Suddenly, he was all ears. So, this week we will see how Jackson adjusts to a "full course" of school work.

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