08 August 2009

Co$t of $chool

How goes California, so goes the nation? Or something to the effect. In the wake of reading this article, about high school dropout rates nationwide, another article about California's teacher's union from World magazine is brought to mind.

Did you know:

- 40% of CA budget goes to schools?
- over $8000 per student spent per year?
- CA places 47th place/50 states in proficiency?
- only 68% of HS students graduate?

Yikes! I thought, That's pretty bad. I wonder where my home state of Texas stands in comparison? Well, I didn't know that

- over $7000 per student per year spent in TX
- TX places 48th/50 states in proficiency
- only 68% of HS students actually graduate in TX

And only 31% (yes, 31%) of 8th graders in Texas place AT or ABOVE grade level for math. AT! grade level! These figures were from 2005, the most recent info I could find... hopefully they have improved in the past four years!

I recently posted about the cost of homeschooling per year. I actually pulled out my receipts and added them up.

Our family has spent a grand total of $2,174 to educate 2 children through 6 years of school.(Claire: K, 1st, 2nd, 3rd; Jackson: K, 1st) This includes books, workbooks, manipulatives, theory books, library fines, experiments, maps/posters, desks and chairs, copies, bindings, and school supplies. If you added in the scholarships from our families, that number would be $3,100 in all. (By Texas public school standards, almost $43,000 would have been spent.)

Break it down by year, it looks like $258 per student per year, but it is actually less since we are reusing Claire's texts for Jackson. With each kid it should get cheaper. I'm sure there is some algebraic formula to figure out depreciation of books etc, but...

To make this a more scientific comparison, I should test my kids annually to see where they stand compared to the rest of the Texans, or the nation. Well, you'll have to wait till they hit 5th grade for that. I'll get back to you.

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