19 August 2009

Mail Time!

Mail Call! UPS dropped off a beautiful package: my free $50 of merchandise from Rainbow Resource!

In case you're a new reader, I earned that honkin' big credit over the past four months (read funny/pathetic saga here) by writing product reviews.

Here's what I got:

- 2 sets of Geomags for the kids

- Managers of Their Homes (by the Maxwells, definitely a denim jumper kind of homeschool family with a website FULL of resources)

- Homeschooling for Eternity by Skeet Savage

- When You Rise up; a Covenantal Approach to Homeschooling by the dignified R.C. Sproul

You can bet you will be hearing about these books in the future. I am absolutely thrilled at the idea that the Maxwell's home management system may pan out to be as rewarding as I've heard. They are homeschoolers and that is what seems to break other routine/scheduling methods.

Yay! Off to curl up with my package. (Hopefully the kids will keep busy with their little magnet sets. They were such a good deal that I got them to supplement the ones we already have.)

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