14 August 2009

Math Wish List

"If I were a rich man
(ba da dee da dee da dee da dum)
all day long I'd bee dee bee de dum
If I were a wealthy man!"

A nice set of gram weights. How luxurious.

A beautiful, accurate, expensive scale. Maybe in High School?

We'll get this later, I'm sure. Its only a few dollars. Mirror to show symmetry. Cool.

Geo-solids. Very neat. Of course, I just hand them an orange or point to the globe for sphere; a can of olives for cylinder; remind them of the pyramids for... what's it called? Oh! Pyramid.

This is the three-dimensional base ten set. Exactly the same as my flat cardstock ones but you can hold them and stand them up.


  1. those wooden forms are great for teaching shading while drawing- a flashlight or lamp helps to make it more dramatic and easy to see

  2. See, now that's a great idea that I'd never think of. Double uses = cheaper (in my mind).