05 August 2009

One More Reason Why

At this cool website I found an article that explains why this former public school teacher chose to homeschool her kids... "toadhaven"

Here's a quote to entice you:

"I was so excited when my oldest started Kindergarten. We’d be back in the fun school setting. He had fun in Kindergarten but our family life began to suffer. We were tied to the school’s schedule. We could only go on outings on the weekends when the rest of the world went. Places we wanted to go were overly crowded and outings became more stressful than relaxing and fun.

First grade was worse. It was all day. My son was gone 7 hours a day. Our mornings were rush, rush, rush. Instead of enjoyable evenings as a family, we now had to contend with homework and getting the kids to bed early so we could start all over again tomorrow. I hated how school had taken control of our lives."

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