27 August 2009


Ouch. From "The High Definite". He says "rewritten if modern child psychologists got ahold of Calvin."


  1. reminds me of when Jack was on Ritalin IN COLLEGE!!! His parents don't question or revise very often- I suggested he stop. I think some kids surely might need some help but would not want to give behavioral meds to any kid, ever. It's a shark-infested issue to be sure.

  2. It's so sad to see Hobbes turn into a stuffed toy! When I taught at an early learning center, I sent home an article to my boy's parents to the effect of "Huckleberry Finn would have been drugged into submission." Boys will be boys, but I know some friends who can really tell just even by the handwriting whether or not her kid has taken his meds that day. James thought everyone had thought soup in his head until he took an add med. So it does help people. But I don't think it should just be tossed at every active kid for sure.