11 August 2009

PB Jar Re-Use

I have a small yet wonderful problem: I keep peanut butter jars instead of tossing them or recycling them. Their lids screw on so I especially enjoy re-using them. It all started when Claire studied sediment and settling and drainage last year. We kept 5 or 6 and studied how different kinds of dirt and water mixtures settled. Then I had all these nice jars. (After the effort of cleaning the PB out of the annoying grooves in the sides of the jars for the recycling bin, I had to do something better with them!)

Here are 5 uses for an old PB jar:

1. hold tiny things (here, Legos) until you can sort them

2. store a game with tiny pieces because the original packaging is lame for long-term storage (this is a magnet set called GeoMags)

3. keeping pencils, pens, paintbrushes etc. together

4. store a set that fits in the jar- great for taking a toy in the car or to the Dr's office (this is a pirate set- they have a ton of choices though)

5. Finally a place to store the WikkiStix! More on these tomorrow... you can't wait, can you?

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