28 August 2009

Req'd Testing?

Remember the recent poll of homeschooler's testing results? (Heavily regulated states: kids scored in 87th percentile. Unregulated states: 87th percentile) It's almost the top thing in my right-hand sidebar. Check it out later.

In the same vein, and mentioning the same poll, is a very interesting article sent to me by HSLDA: "Today, homeschoolers can be found in all walks of life and all political persuasions. We are a diverse movement with a variety of opinions. There’s one issue, however, that unites almost all homeschoolers—opposition to mandated state tests. The reason is simple—once the state chooses the test, you have to “teach to the test”, and consequently your curriculum will have been chosen for you by the government. This is an intolerable intrusion and one that would radically alter homeschooling. Freedom and flexibility are the hallmarks of homeschooling. Once they are removed and the state is allowed to regulate the curriculum through testing, then homeschooling will be changed beyond all recognition."

It's basically a rehash of a better article, from the Washington Post, called Three Smart Rules for Home School Regulation, by Jay Matthews, an education writer. However, when searching for a quote to give y'all, you know what I liked best of all? The first comment, left by a (I assume) homeschool mom named "CrimsonWife." I love intelligent people! The comments section was thought-provoking and intelligently written.

"Homeschooled students should be held to the exact same requirements that private school students are. So if private schools are not required to have their students take the state's standardized tests, submit portfolios for review, have their curriculum approved, or employ state-credentialed teachers, then neither should homeschools. Neither homeschools nor private schools receive taxpayer money for their operation, so the government should not micromanage the way they're run."

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