09 September 2009

Choose the Best

Over a year ago a new family moved into an empty house only a few doors down. We peeked out our front window to watch boxes being ferried in the front door. Soon, our attention was drawn to our own backyard where our dogs were barking like, well, animals. When we investigated, we found a row of 5 girls standing in height order on the other side of our fence. It turns out they were our new neighbors. We went over to introduce ourselves, and it turns out that they are a homeschool family also! The mom of all those girls has turned into a close friend.

We have coffee together almost every week. She took me to the ER recently when I discovered I was allergic to wasps. Our girls play (and fight) together every week. What a blessing it is to have like-minded friends so close! I have been observing her homeschool for over a year and admired her patience, methods, and her ability to trust herself, her girls, and God to get what needs to be done, done.

Her oldest child has reached high school and now she has to keep records so she can create a transcript. I love that there wasn't a lot of disscussion and heartache and dilly-dallying as they approached this milestone in their educational journey. As far as I understand, they proceeded on their homeschool journey into high school without a missed step.

She sent me a link to an online list called 10 Ways to Simplify Homeschooling. My favorite was #2, but the first sentence of #8, "If you must document your school activities, do it after the fact," gave me a boost of confidence. My neighbor, you see, is a scheduler. She and her family have excellent boundaries and keep family time family time. (Our coffee dates get put on the schedule- if she's free.) She is always telling me about her lesson plans and about meeting her goals. I, however, have mental goals for each day and simply write down what we accomplish. Seeing that that could be a benefit, instead of a drawback, was a nice boost.

We all 'do school' different ways. I'd like to think that seeing each other's methods and differences would help us and not hinder us on our educational journeys. We should feel great liberty to pick and choose that which serves us and our families, and discard the rest.

Isn't that why its our school?

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