14 September 2009

Had to Keep Quiet

Well, yesterday was the first day I worked in the fourth and fifth grade classes at church. I was struck dumb- unusual for me- at a round of conversation the kids had with one another.

We were supposed to be talking about Solomon and wisdom, but we were jumping topics all over- Pearl Harbor, wasps, math, all sorts of things. The conversation that hit me was about the kid's afternoons and weekends.

I was pleased to hear that they only could watch tv on the weekends. I liked that they sat down and had a snack and a break when they got home from school. Then they began commiserating amongst themselves about how short their after-school break was, how they had to start in on their homework, and how they never got to play. Argh!

Of course, I didn't say anything, but I thought about how much free time my kids have to just enjoy themselves and seek their own interests. These kids just looked mournful. I felt awful. It was like parading your new shoes in front of someone who had to go barefoot.

I love that we can get all the schoolwork done and have a lot of time for breaks. I am so thankful that my kids have time to be kids! I am so glad they can spend time doing what they think is fun and interesting and important!

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