02 September 2009

Sidebar Goodness

Have you checked out what my right sidebar has to offer? Or are you so distracted by my scintillating commentary that you've never explored past the first or second post? Well, that ends here!

The Myth of the Teenager: excellent shattering of a newly-arrived American disorder.

What's the law re: homeschooling in your state? Find out!

Have you gone through Money-Saving Mom CVS 101 course? It works!

Ready to get provoked? Watch a video by Flipsyde... it's moving.

Check out the huge list of places to do your regular shopping that benefit the HSLDA.

All these and more in the right sidebar! Don't miss out...

What about ancient posts written before your time? here are some jewels:

Top 12 Reasons to Homeschool/ or To Just Ditch Homeschooling Altogether

Keeping house when you're homeschooling is like the tide-- knee deep, then smooth sand.

We all have those days when we don't do school, but character training...

Then you have one of those tall-taleworthy heinous days...

You may have been reading long enough to hear about the ongoing Rainbow Resource book review drama... (still waiting to hear about August's).

Last but not least, you can see what what else I am doing at mama4x- it has links to my son's Lego Blog (recently updated) my Etsy, and my other blog.

Thanks for taking the two-cent tour with me!

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