15 September 2009

Wonderful Problem

Just had to write about a wonderful problem I have... not enough space to store my homeschool books. Guess how? I joined two yahoo! groups about homeschooling in my area. I got an abundance of free(!) textbooks and courses- all the workbooks are not written in- and guess what else!! A decent chemistry set! AMAZING GENEROSITY!
A homeschool mom whose kids had all graduated (from homeschool) posted an ad on the yahoo! group offering all this to someone who could use it (and pass on what she couldn't). I was sure it would be gone, but I called her and it was not! I was so excited... I shared all of the college catalogs and manuals with my neighbor, as well as a driver's ed in a box, and a long-term loan of other stuff.

Just wanted to share my joy and pass on the idea- God bless the homeschool veterans that paved the way for us today!

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