23 October 2009

Copper Bookmark

I agreed to "test drive" this copper bookmark because it is the kind of beautiful little thing that my daughter always falls head over heels for at the checkout. It is delicate looking, but a closer inspection shows it is very sturdy. Claire's (definitely not mine anymore!) came with a little Swarovski beaded angel as a decoration. The copper is graceful and simple, and although it is flat to fit in the book, its shape reminds me of a long swan neck, and it's about 3 1/2 inches long. The neck of it fits easily between the pages of your book and the curved upper part hangs down the top of the book's spine.

Claire has been using it on her Story of the World Volume 3 text. The best part about it- it's so beautiful it hasn't gotten lost! Unlike the free or cheap paper bookmarks, it's beauty gives it a value besides its ability to mark your last page. Usually I find paper bookmarks creased and grease-spotted under the booster seat, but every time I look for this copper bookmark, it's been in her SOTW text, marking the page!

Claire's quote: "it's pretty and good." Here's a link to it (on sale! from the retail price of $11.95).

I did this product review for Mama Buzz (see my button to their site in the left sidebar). I received this product for free from Five Star Publications. I hope you found this review informative!

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