29 October 2009

Embarrassing Footnote

Here's a little peek on my life... Probably like you, I have a "Master Bath." Then there's a bathroom off the hall that we call the "kids' bathroom." However, to my dismay and my husband's annoyance, the kids brush their teeth, bathe, and otherwise use my bathroom, to include my trashcan and my hamper. They have their own hamper and trashcan, but since they always use mine, I infrequently empty theirs.

On a related note, my mom had gotten Nathan, my 2 year-old, a pair of fuzzy, dinosaur-printed footed pajamas. He loves them. Then my mom went out of town and the pjs seemed to just disappear! They weren't in the drawer, they weren't in the laundry basket. They weren't in the dryer or on the floor or in the car. Finally I guessed I must have left them at my mom's house before she went out of town.

He eats breakfast in his pjs and they are always a mess. His other set had a hole in the knee. You ever had a hole in your jeans and when you put your foot in, you grab the hole by accident and make it worse? That had happened. Anyway those pjs were just done, so I threw them out. But I still couldn't find the footed ones ANYwhere! He woke up with freezing cold legs when he slept in a t-shirt, so when I saw a cute set for $5 the other day, I got them. This morning was day three with the new pjs... for some reason when I did laundry, I emptied the kids' hamper, and guess what was in there? Yep.

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