09 October 2009

Field Trip

Here's my Cactus Flower, Lily, looking cute in her bonnet.
That's her "I look like my big sister" face.

Here is said big sister, workin' the fashionable sparkly flipflappers while she picks cotton like she imagines Sharpay might do it (a la HSM 1, 2, or 3 *sigh*)

Me manhandling Lily and Nathan down the ladder
after a peek into the pioneer kid's attic bedroom.

Jackson "chillaxin" (chillin' + relaxin' = chillaxin')

Four hot kids pose for my mother on the wagon.
They really had a blast, even if don't they look it.

Going on this field trip gave me a good idea. I need to start a field trip fund. Twice during our homeschooling journey a great local field trip has been missed because I didn't have money for the tickets or gasoline or whatever. I should set some aside next time so that it'll will just be there waiting when I need it!

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  1. OK, so I'm reading this backward..most recent updates first...but these old posts look so interesting so I'll just read and respond to one more and then stop. I love Lily's face....it is Claire. Field trip fund is a great idea. Little is much in the Master's hand.