05 October 2009

Latin Epiphany

Hello, new and faithful readers! Sometimes I like to annoy my friends by coming up to them and saying dramatically "I had an epiphany!" (I grew up Catholic, and I think that's one of their holidays, and I like the word... sorry. Sometimes a word just really describes something to a tee, and I have to use it.)

So my latest epiphany was... I'm not going to teach the kids Latin. *gasp*

That's it... I was wondering if I can call myself a classical homeschooler any longer.

So, from a person who so loves languages and knows 3, and has studied 5, how can I say that... that I'm not planning on teaching the kids Latin?!

Well my compromise is this: starting in fourth grade and going until tenth, we're going to do Latin and Greek prefix, suffix and root study. They're going to have to do verb declensions anyway for Spanish and Russian, so I think this is a good plan. They'll still get all the vocab knowledge.

Any thoughts? I was looking at these books for our Latin and Greek prefix, suffix and root study-- any of y'all used them?

Roots and Fruits

Vocabulary Vine

English From The Roots Up

Word Roots (software)


  1. Home is Where the Heart isOctober 7, 2009 at 6:09 AM

    I'm thinking of doing something similar. Let me know how your curriculum picks work out.

  2. Thanks for your comment! I'll surely talk about it here. Just knowing there is one less huge thing seems easier, huh?

  3. Christine HollingsworthJanuary 13, 2012 at 10:32 PM

    I am working hard to keep up with my 8th grade son in his Latin studies. Even his dad isn't TOTALLY convinced about our Latin. Over Christmas I found a new and practical application: We watched all of the Harry Potter movies, one each night, and I knew most all the spells they were saying! "Periculum!!" shouts Harry, from the middle of the maze in Goblet of Fire. It means "Danger!" Coolio. Not that fictional spells alone justify such an arduous task, however, it was just enough to keep me going in the face of such daunting work. Love you with Latin or WITHOUT :-)