15 October 2009

Keeping Comfortable

Things that help the school day go easier at our house:

- clean kitchen (why?)
- clean schoolroom table
- little kids busy
- coffee for me
- fun activity that afternoon (as incentive to work)

We had a twenty-minute cleanup today and the whole house dramatically improved! "Many hands make light work!" I went into the foyer to get a spot off the tile floor and ended up spot- cleaning the entire foyer, doing the baseboards, and wiping down 4 big cabinet doors right near the front door. What- maybe 7 minutes? and a fresh appealing entryway!

I had loaded the dishwasher and of course there were a few large knives and a spatula that needed to soak and be hand-washed. I filled the sink a few inches with hot soapy water and threw in a capful of the Lysol disenfectant (lavender has esp. nice scent). Then, while they soaked, I used a washcloth (wet from the soapy sink) to wash all the counters... that's when I went in the foyer to do the spot on the floor and spent a few extra minutes.

I try to make a point to get the kids to clear the extras from the schoolroom table each day.

"Am I done?!"
"Put up all your stuff," and >poof!< it's clean and they're off. Then it's that much easier to going tomorrow, because we don't get distracted ferrying stuff to their place before we can start.

While I was away this past weekend I really enjoyed my coffee. It was piping hot and the hotel had Starbucks for the in-room coffeepot! I don't like warming up my coffee, and it seems like while I explain the math directions to my son (or whatever), it always gets cold. So it was a treat to drink good coffee super-hot, uninterrupted this weekend. I should really be having my coffee alone before they get up...


  1. Yes, hot coffee is the best. I'm enjoying one right now as I plan seating arrangements for the wedding. Either I am going to have to send for you to come this way or I (we) MUST fly that way. Wish I was having a nice cup (even Starbucks...ha,ha) with you.

  2. I really need some super aunt to whip/pray/titus my kids into shape!