16 October 2009

My Son

"Mom, why does the cobra make its neck get so wide?" my son asked me yesterday.

"It makes it look bigger. It does it so that it's enemy will think, 'hm, this is bigger and more dangerous than I thought. I better leave it alone!' A lot of creatures do it... a man will do it by waving his arms about, like I do when I feed the horses- or a bird will puff out it's feathers."

"I could beat a bird. I know I'm a lot bigger than it." he says matter-of-fact.

"Yeah, but you're a person. You know how big he is really. You're smarter than the bird."

"A lot!" he scoffed. At this point I realize how loudly he's eating his Ramen. "Do you have to eat that so loud?!" I shriek. A moment's thought- then, confidently, he says, "I think so."


  1. Jackson cracks me up!

  2. I have missed reading this blog. Must wait until another day.....distracting as it is. Hug the little man for me!

  3. Of course you missed it!