20 October 2009


So last week was one of those weeks where we ended up taking the week off, but since it wasn't planned, we did nothing fun and I feel like we're shirkers instead of vacationers. Of course when I say "WE" I mean "I." *sigh* I'm thinking we'll officially take this week off and have FUN! Then when we go back next week it'll be worth it. Because you know, the kids can't do double-time to "make up for it."

I found a rockin' quote by Socrates that I need to stencil on my wall-

"Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel."

I need to keep that in mind! I know a lot of homeschool families are very concerned with the laws of their state, and are always making sure that they are fulfilling the tasks necessary to comply. Some homeschoolers are required to test annually. In Texas we are blessed by a generous guideline which pretty much states that homeschoolers must teach the Three R's and Civics. (Yikes?) I don't have to worry about a lot of things that other homeschoolers must. But I find myself so concerned with getting all the way through the book and teaching Spanish and practicing cursive that I forget that my goal is to teach my child how to learn, how to find the joy in learning, not just cram them full of answers with no rhyme or reason, to just be spewed out for the test.


  1. instead of stencilling you could order a vinyl wall decal on etsy to say whatever you want and be in a fancy font. Of course, if you already have the stencils it makes more sense to do that.

  2. I'm the same way. We're in TX too, but I'm always trying to keep up with the "system". gr... We're an army family, though, so I never know where we'll end up next and what will be required of us. I wish I could just relax a bit more!!!

    Shannon C

  3. It's hard to relax when we were 'schooled' ourselves.

  4. Etsy has everything!