14 October 2009

Photo Update

This is what I do when Daddy accidentally wakes up Nathan early in the morning. He won't lay in bed with me, and if he is allowed to be up and about, he is sonic-boom loud, so we cuddle on the couch.
Then when Claire and Jackson come out of their rooms (we let Lily sleep as long as she wants), even the almost-two-year-old knows how to get Mom her coffee. Love it!
Here is the picture of us after we recovered from our 3.5 mile Stop Child Trafficking NOW Walk in Austin on October 26th. Our team raised over $600!
We had done so much work, I suddenly jumped up and ran out of the schoolroom to see what kind of trouble Nathan had gotten into. Ever done that? The quiet is more ominous than the noise... we found this... evidentally, he was knocked unconscious during a battle with a bowl of apples and PB on my leather chair. I love leather.
I cuddle with Nathan and my replacement baby, the de-barked weiner dog. (We didn't do it. The rescue did it when 4 other families returned her for excessive barking.)

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